We Have Many Different Pots & Plants – Some May Not Be Displayed On The Website


When you need plants or plant-related supplies, you can get much better deals when you can buy them wholesale. This gives you better prices and helps you save money, too. Many types of businesses can profit by buying plants in larger quantities.


Some of the advantages of buying a little above cost include:

  • Saving Time – Time is very important to shoppers today, especially when it is for your business. Instead of buying small quantities over and over again, you can buy large quantities and make fewer trips to the store. You can also have it delivered, which will save even more time.

You can also save time by making online comparisons quickly. The Internet today gives you the advantage of comparing one store’s price against their competitor’s price. You can do this quickly and discover who is offering the better deal. Then once you buy and see the quality, you can reorder from the same company quickly and with confidence.

  • Save Money – Buying items this way always lets you save money. Most stores, including Brooklyn Plantology, offer discount prices when you buy larger quantities of plants or supplies. Because we deal with large volumes of plants and supplies from all over the world, we are able to offer lower prices than our competitors.

Stores That Can Benefit

We recognize that some stores can readily benefit by getting access to wholesale prices for plants and supplies. The following types of business can readily benefit from it.

  • Retail stores – when your store or chain of stores needs plants to sell at certain seasons, we can provide them for you at much lower prices. Because we have been in business for a long time (since 1946), we have agreements in place with many sources, which enables us to fill most orders quickly.
  • Restaurants – you need flowers and other plants to decorate your tables and restaurant. Brooklyn Plantology can supply your needs with magnificent flowers and decorations. All you need to do is to let us know in advance.
  • Commercial Businesses – your commercial business, whether you are a landscaper, in construction, a garden center, florist, or other business that deals with plants and supplies, we can help you with wholesale We have an amazingly large selection of plants, shrubs, trees, ground cover, and all the supplies you need for them.

Come In and Shop Around

If you are new to our store, we invite you to come down and see the quality of our plants and merchandise. We are glad to show you around and let you see why we are the biggest (20,000 sq. ft.) in the tristate area. After you see what we have, and are satisfied with your order, feel free to make orders online and save time and money.

Apply Now for Great Deals

In order to qualify for wholesale prices, you will need to fill out an application. Businesses in our special program get several special discounts that give you even more savings.

Brooklyn Plantology has thousands of plants and supplies from all over the world. We provide pottery, planters, chemicals, and so much more. We want to be your one stop shop for your business.