Summer time is when the beauty of your garden can really shine. It is the ideal time to plant new flowers and plants because they will grow fast and you can really enjoy them. This is the season that plants are healthy, vibrant, and the flowers are in bloom. Some summer plants Flatbush Brooklyn can add a lot of color to your garden or yard.

When you buy plants for the summer, be sure that you understand their water, light and temperature requirements. Every plant has its own preferences and not meeting them could result in unhealthy or even dead plants.

Adding the right plants to your property could make it the envy of your neighbors. Some plants that you may want to add to your house or garden include:

  • Begonias– These flowers bloom for a long time and have clusters of beautiful flowers that are red, pink, or white. Some varieties will do well in the full sun, but others may prefer the shade. They are resistant to drought, which makes them ideal for someone who cannot or does not want to give them a lot of care. These plants will also do well in a container or hanging basket.
  • Salvia– When you want to add a long-lasting red flower to your yard or garden, the salvia flower is ideal. It produces flowers that are bright red and they will last into the fall months. They can tolerate dry conditions but do need watering every few days.
  • Mandevilla– This summer plant is a vine that comes from the tropics. It has large blooms that come in red, white, and pink. It is great for climbing on trellises and can provide a screen for privacy. It can be planted in full sun or be partially shaded.
  • Scaevola– This popular flower loves the heat and will grow about anywhere you plant it. Its purple and white flowers make it ideal to brighten up any corner of your yard or garden. It is drought tolerant and can stand considerable neglect.
  • Crinum Lily– This plant has got to be one of the hardiest you will ever find. Its beautiful flower often grows in clumps and it is a real survivor. Some can grow for decades without any care. They grow large bulbs that store food. Most varieties prefer warm climates but some can even survive in cold temperatures.
  • Elephant’s Ear– These large-leaved plants are beautiful. Some of them can grow quite tall. Varieties of elephant’s ears differ in their demands for light and water, and a few of them can even grow and thrive in up to six feet of water – making them ideal for a pond in your backyard.

You can buy all the summer plants Flatbush Brooklyn you want from Brooklyn Plantology. With 20,000 square feet of space in our store, we are the biggest supplier of plants and plant supplies in the tri-state area. We provide plants and flowers from all over the world and we invite you to see and choose some for your yard and garden.


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