The Spathiphyllum Plant is an evergreen perennial that has a very beautiful white flower. It is also called the Peace Lily, the White Sail, Spathe Flower, and it is popular around the world. It can be seen in many homes and offices. The plant is easy to grow and requires very little maintenance. It makes an ideal Mother’s Day present.

Caring for the Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is native to the Americas and is accustomed to a hot and humid climate. However, you do not want to put it in direct sunlight. It prefers bright light, but it can also grow well in low light.

The plant prefers warm environments, so you want to avoid temperatures that drop below 55 F. This means that you should keep it away from cold drafts and air conditioner vents.

Watering these lilies should be done frequently. They grow best in high humidity so you can mist it often, too. Water it less in the winter months, but do not let the soil become completely dry. During the winter, you still need to keep it warm and watered.

The soil should be a loose potting soil with a lot of organic material in it. Add fertilizer often (weekly) during the summer months. Slow release pellets can be added at the start of the growing season. Do not fertilize it in the winter.


The Spathiphyllum Plant has been hybridized into many varieties which vary in size and color. Although most of the flowers are white, some of the varieties produce deep green flowers. Some of the more common hybrids include the Spathiphyllum Mauna Loa, the Spathiphyllum Mojo, the Spathiphyllum Golden Delicious, and the Spathiphyllum Starlight. The Starlight variety is capable of producing as many as 20 flowers on each plant.


Most varieties of the Peace Lily will grow to a height of about 16 to 40 inches. Some hybridized varieties can reach six feet. The flowers typically grow above the top of the green leaves which makes them clearly visible – and very appealing to the eye. Each flower can last for several weeks and you may even have a second set.


Generally, the Peace Lily is grown from a seed, but it is difficult to get one from a plant. Most of the time, you will need to buy a small plant. Fortunately, the plants can be divided to get more.

Purifies the Air

The Peace Lily is valuable because it can purify the air. It can help to remove toxic gases in your home such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, ammonia, and carbon monoxide.

Toxic to Animals

The Peace Lily is toxic to both cats and dogs. It should be kept out of their reach, or you may want to avoid this plant altogether if you love your pets.

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