home-pottery-brooklyn-paleontologyFlowerpots come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, enabling flower and plant lovers to choose one that fits their taste and needs. Whether you need indoor or outdoor pottery, you can find what you need to match your unique tastes.

There are so many unique plants available from all over the world that it only makes sense to get a unique flower pot to put it in. This adds to the beauty of the plant once you take it home or to your office. Or, you could buy multiple pots of the same style for an outdoor display of your plant collection.

Terracotta Pots

When you want pots made of terracotta, you can find it at our store. We have all sizes of pots from Patapsco Valley Sales. They have been making terracotta pots for over 40 years. You can also find all kinds of glazed pots.

Add Color to Your Yard

If you want to add some color to your yard, you can find pottery in many different colors. You can add some colorful plants to your yard, as well as pottery to complement the colors. They are available in a number of earth-tones, as well as more colorful options.

Designer Pots

When you want that special look for your plants, you can find it. We also carry a wide selection of designer pots that will help beautify your home or garden. They are available in all sorts of sizes and styles, ranging anywhere from more classic styles to modern day. This lets you chose a pot that will match the decor and style you want.

One popular style you will find at Brooklyn Plantology is the Campania International Collection. Several in-demand styles are available, including the Cast Stone Collection. You can also find the imported Pacifica Collection, which has been manufactured exclusively for Europe and Asia.

When you buy a flower pot, you also want to be sure to get a saucer for it. Saucers help to keep the soil in a pot moist, and can also protect furniture or floors if you have it indoors. They also come in a wide variety of types and materials, and you can often get them to match your pots.

Extras for Your Garden

home-pottery-decor-brooklyn-paleontology.jpgWhen you want to add to the beauty of your yard or garden, there are many outstanding products available. You can find many figures made of concrete, ceramic, resin, and terra cotta. Additions such as birdbaths, fiberglass planters, cast iron, Victorian gazing globes, and more are available.

At Brooklyn Plantology, you can find almost any type of flower pot you want for your needs. They come from all over the world, enabling you to select something unique for your home. We aim to offer the best products and distinctive ones, too.

Brooklyn Plantology is the largest garden center in the entire New York City and tristate area. We have been in business since 1946 and can offer the lowest prices around. We are a family-owned business and we are here to help you get quality plants and pottery for it.