When you are looking for a plant to get started with, the Pothos Plant (also called devil’s ivy and pothos ivy) will make an excellent choice. It can survive in many conditions, and will even tolerate some neglect if you forget. It is a trailing vine that can look great in your home or office. Its leaves are yellow, white variegated, and cream mixed with green. Varieties you want to look for include: Marble Queen, Jade, Tricolor, and Golden.

Caring for Your Plant

This plant is very hardy and can tolerate almost any light level. The exceptions are the extremes – total darkness and direct sunlight. This means you can put it in just about any room in your house – even bathrooms. If it does not receive much light, the leaves will turn greener in order to generate more energy. It will grow slower in low light, but medium light will work best.

These plants are tropical, but they will do well in temperatures that range from 55 to 85 degrees F. They will do even better in ranges of 70 to 90 degrees F. Keep them away from doors and air conditioning vents.

Watering is rather easy because they do not require being watered very often. Let the top two inches of soil get dry before watering it again. Be sure that your pot can drain out the bottom. If the leaves turn brown, it needs more water. When they become yellow, it is getting too much water.

Most likely, you will not need to add any fertilizer to this plant. It typically grows slowly, so none is needed. You also have the option to grow it in water – without any soil. It will do well. Be aware that growing this plant in water means that it may not do well in soil, and vice versa.

Air Purifier

The Pothos Plant can remove certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. It can remove carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.


In the wild, this plant will normally climb up trees and can reach lengths of 60 feet. In a home, it will likely reach a maximum of about eight to ten feet. In order to limit its size, you can divide the plant, trim it, or make some new cuttings.


Getting more plants from Pothos is rather easy. Just cut off a piece of the stem that is about six to twelve inches long and put it in water. Be sure that a node is in the water. Change the water every week. When roots are growing, transplant it into soil.


Like many household plants, this plant is also considered poisonous. While not likely to cause death in people, it will certainly make cats, dogs, and children sick.

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