office-plants-store-brooklyn-plantologyBeautifying your workspace with office plants can be done easily. Choosing the types of plants you need to beautify your office does not have to be difficult. There are many options, including tall or short ones, plants that stay green all year, or ones that flower one or more times each year.

Decide How Much Care Will Be Given

Some plants are more or less high maintenance in that they need to be watered regularly. Other ones require very little water, such as succulents, and it is almost hard to kill them. Most likely, you will want to select plants that do not need a lot of attention.

One plant that is popular in offices around the world is the Jade plant. It is a succulent that needs very little water. There are a couple of attractive varieties and they can grow up to about six feet tall.

Clean the Air

Besides getting office plants to beautify your office, you can also get ones that will help clean the air. Some plants, such as spider plants, will not only help remove pollutants from the air, but it can also reduce dust and pollen from the air. A Philodendron is one of the best plants that can clean the air of VOCs and carbon dioxide.

Get Fresher Air

Other plants can add a gentle aroma in the air that helps make it always smell fresh, such as a lemon balm plant. It may also help to bring a calmer attitude around the office, helping your office staff to be a little more relaxed. Another plant, the peace lily, can also clean the air. It will fill space, and it does not need much lighting, but the soil needs to be kept moist.

Create Natural Dividers

You can use plants in your office to create green dividers. The Snake plant is an excellent choice for this purpose. It has long, thick, green leaves with edges of bright yellow-green. It is attractive and they can grow to about three feet in height. The leaves grow vertically and hardly spread out at all. Another favorite for creating dividers is the Parlor Palm. This small tree reaches between three to four feet in height, but it does require direct sunlight.

Flowering Plants

flower-store-brooklyn-plantologySome flowering plants can be added to window sills or desks. Flowers such as African Violets or Azaleas are fine for this purpose. While violets are short, azaleas can grow to three or four feet tall.

Other types of plant that are popular in offices are succulents – such as aloe or cactuses. These plants may require direct sunlight, so be sure you know how to care for a plant before you purchase it. Other plants may be poisonous to pets or children if they touch or eat it.

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