When you want to find houseplants for your home or office, you do not want to take the time to go to several stores looking for the right plants. Instead, it is better to find many choices, as well as all the supplies you need, in just one big houseplants store Queens. This cuts down on travel time and selection time, and it enables you to pick out all you need – and more.

See an Incredible Variety

Instead of just getting houseplants that you already know and are familiar with – you could see an incredibly large selection of plants from all over the world. This would enable you to tastefully add a lot of unique color, texture, size, and unparalleled beauty to your home or office. We can also help you find plants that only require a little maintenance. This could make people amazed at your choices and they will ask where you got them.

The Store

The Brooklyn Plantology Store is an enormous place. We started in 1946 and have since grown to become the largest plant store in all of the New York City and tri-state area. Our 20,000 square foot houseplants store Queens has anything you could need for plants and gardens. You have got to see it to believe it – a real plant lover’s paradise!

The Pottery Selection

Putting your houseplants in beautiful pottery can make them really stand out and get noticed. Brooklyn Plantology sells all kinds of pottery from all over the world. In addition to terracotta pottery of all sizes and styles, we also have designer collections such as Campania, Cast Stone, and the Imported Pacifica Collection.

In addition to the pottery, we also carry many kinds of glassware. These traditional and unique shapes can let you find just the container you need for your plants. You can find hanging bowls, globes, terrariums of all sizes, and much more.

Get Holiday Plants

Each season we carry a wide selection of plants and decorations to help you add color to your home or office. Around the holidays, we always have plenty of plants to add festive color, including poinsettias, amaryllis, cyclamens, azaleas, and Christmas cactus. We also carry Christmas trees and many kinds of greenery.

We also carry many kinds of decorations for the holidays. Our wide selections can help you decorate your home for the holidays – enabling you to find everything you need to decorate in one place.

Gift Plants

Finding a perfect gift plant for your friends or family can make a lasting memory. We carry many small trees, shrubs, and other plants that could be planted outside (in warmer weather) to add more color to a yard or garden – or as an inside plant.

Low Prices

In addition to the vast selection of plants, you will find that we also have the best prices around. We can do this year after year because we deal with such large quantities of plants from people we know and trust.

If you want something in the way of plants, the Brooklyn Plantology houseplants store Queens has it. We know what plant lovers need to keep their plants healthy and growing. Our staff is glad to help you find just what you are looking for.


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