Developing your home’s garden will take some work, but having the right plants will add the finishing touches it needs to make it beautiful. Finding the many varieties of plants and supplies you need at one store can make the process less time-consuming and easier. In the New York City area, Brooklyn Plantology is the home gardening plants store Brooklyn you need.

About Brooklyn Plantology

Brooklyn Plantology is the largest store of its kind in the New York City and tri-state area. With 20,000 square feet of space, you are sure to find almost any kind of plant or tree you need for your home’s garden. From the more common plants found in many gardens to many exotic varieties, you are sure to find many choices to enhance your garden and make it look beautiful.

Flowering Plants

One thing that makes a garden truly beautiful is to have a variety of flowers and trees in them. You want to have some flowers that will be in bloom throughout the garden, always adding a magnificent color. This will require some planning, but the staff at our home gardening plants store Brooklyn can help you.

Most likely, you also want to select flowers that produce flowers that will last for at least a couple of weeks. Some flowers only last a couple of days, but other ones can last for weeks at a time. Some will produce flowers two or three times a year.

Low Maintenance Options

If you want a garden that requires less maintenance, you will likely want to choose perennial plants rather than annual. Perennials come up year after year, meaning that you do not need to put in new ones each year. You will have to replace annuals each year.

Adding Trees

Even though trees come in all sizes, you can obtain some that will stay relatively small. This way they will not block the sunlight from reaching your plants near it. Since some plants require full sun, and others prefer shade, you need to consider how you will plant trees and the various plants in your garden to keep them all healthy and looking good.

The Tools You Need

Having a successful and beautiful garden that continues to look great will require some work. Brooklyn Plantology has all the fertilizers, chemicals, and tools that you need to keep your garden looking great. The store also carries a large variety of garden ornaments such as birdbaths, glass balls, pottery, and much more.

Consider the Guests

A home garden is apt to have various visitors, including children and pets. Many of the plants are more or less poisonous and can be harmful – or possibly even fatal. Consider your plants carefully, not just for their beauty, but for the safety of your visitors – the four-legged variety, too.

Brooklyn Plantology is the single home gardening plants store Brooklyn you need for a great garden. We invite you to see our massive collection of plants, flowers, trees, and more. We believe you will also find our prices are very attractive, too, and our staff friendly.


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