We offer premium decorations, foliage, pumpkins, and table pieces for all of your Fall holiday needs.  Mixed in with our rotating stock of live plants — you’ll find everything you need to get your home or business looking festive.  Always affordable and always in stock.

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One of the best ways to decorate your home or office for the holidays is to use a variety of plants. There are many possibilities that can enhance your decorations and add beauty to it as well. Many types of plants are grown in hothouses specifically for holiday decor / holiday plants, enabling you to find flowers at that time of year that you will not see at other times.

Buy Living Plants

Although you could add decorations that are not going to last long, a living plant will continue to be decorative for some time. Many plants are very beautiful and bloom around the holiday season.

Decorative pottery of all kinds can add to the festive colors and spirit of the season, holiday, or special day. Pots can be reused each year to replant your favorite bulbs.

Holiday Favorites

  • Poinsettias – These holiday favorites will always be in style. They have brilliant red leaves that make it stand out and some green ones. It is a traditional holiday plant that will add a lot of color to your holiday decor / holiday plants.
  • Cyclamens – These flowers come in several beautiful colors that are excellent for your holiday decorations, including red, white, pink, and purple. It typically flowers in late winter or early spring and is normally dormant in the summer months. Caution needs to be given to not have these flowers around children or pets that might eat them since they are poisonous.
  • Amaryllis – These magnificent flowers are trumpet-shaped and come in many colors – including red. An amaryllis plant will rebloom year after year if you save the bulb and replant them. This plant is also poisonous to pets and children.
  • Christmas Cactus – This plant can last for many years with proper care. Its red and white flowers will certainly make a beautiful addition to your decorations. It also comes in pink, orange, white, purple, and yellow flowers.
  • Azaleas – This extremely colorful plant will add a lot of beautiful colors to your holiday decorations. They come in red, white, purple, and pink, and some varieties come in more than one color. These flowering shrubs can grow up to three feet tall, but some varieties only grow to two feet in height, but others may reach eight feet.

Add Greenery

Around the holidays, you can also expect to see a lot of greenery added to the decorations. You can pick up greenery at the same place as your holiday plants. You may also want to consider buying a holiday tree as part of your decorations – one that you can plant outside after the season is over.

Gift Plants

You can always add to the holiday beauty when you go to someone else’s house by presenting them with a gift of a holiday plant. They are available in many styles and decorations, enabling you to select one according to your needs and budget.

The Brooklyn Plantology store offers many choices when it comes to holiday decor / holiday plants. We are the largest plant shop in all of New York City and we specialize in providing many types of plants for each season.