home-glassware-brooklyn-plantologyAn excellent way to grow your plants and enjoy their beauty is to display them in beautiful glassware. Plants of all sizes can be put in glass if you follow a couple of simple rules. The glass you use can be as small as a shot glass or as large as a terrarium.

Unique Shapes

Glassware for plants comes in all shapes and sizes. They include glass drinking glasses, hanging capsules, bowls, geometric terrariums, globes of various sizes, glass and wood jars, glass and metal lanterns, hanging glass birdhouses, decanters, votives, and so much more. You really just need to see what is in stock to find the perfect container for your plants.

Ideal for Tight Spaces

If you do not have a lot of room in your apartment, or if you simply want to add some beauty to a room, a glass terrarium can enable you to keep a garden in a confined space. The plants will stay in the container and will let you have an indoor garden.

Air Plants

One unique plant that looks great in a glass container is an air plant. These plants are able to draw water from the air and do not need any soil. They are colorful and do not need much care, but they must be dunked in water once a week.


A terrarium is a glass case that is made to display your plants and soil. You can put almost anything in it, and most will require very little care. Terrariums come in many shapes and sizes, but many are also similar in size to a fish tank. Some cases are made with unique shapes, all with the intention to enable you to clearly see what is inside. An advantage of a terrarium is that they are portable.

Advantages of Using Glass Containers

With the right kind of glass, you may have several advantages when growing your plants. For one thing, you are the one who will choose what kind of background materials will go into the glass, as well as the type of plant, or plants, that you put in it.

Other advantages include the possibility of growing plants that might not survive in other types of environments, such as one with dry air. If light is a problem, you can add a small light next to it, enabling you to place it anywhere in your home or office.

If the container is covered, you will not need to add water very often. This is because the water in the container simply circulates, although you will likely need to add some each month.

Benefits of Plants in the Home

home-decor-glassware-brooklyn-plantologyWhen you have indoor plants, they are also known to be able to reduce stress and help to lower blood pressure. They may also help to increase energy levels and will help clean the air.

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