gardening-soil-brooklyn-paleontologyKeeping your plants and garden looking great all summer is going to require more than just wishful thinking. Besides just getting some great looking plants, shrubs, and trees, you also need to know about soil / fertilizer / grading tools for best results. Having the right kind can make your garden look marvelous all summer long.

Seeing your plants and garden staying healthy depends on the right care being given to it. In addition to light and water, you will need to have and know about the right kinds of soil / fertilizer / grading tools to meet the needs.

Choose the Right Soil

In addition to understanding the temperature needs of your plants, you also want to be sure to understand the soil needs. You can obtain the best soil for your plants by reading the instructions. Garden stores, such as Brooklyn Plantology, have all kinds of soil products. We carry every type of soil for every kind of plant that we sell, helping your plants to look healthy and to thrive where planted.


Fertilizer is like soil – you can get the right kind or the wrong kind. Make sure you read the plant information to know what fertilizers will work best on your plants. Every plant may be different. Fertilizers are often made for specific purposes and contain specific ingredients.

Some fertilizers can harm your plants if it is not the right kind. You also want to be sure to get the right kind if you intend to eat the plants. Some fertilizers may contain ingredients that are poisonous to humans, but good for plants. This may be the case if you use a lawn fertilizer in your garden. Be sure to read the labels on all fertilizers that you buy. You may also need to wear protective clothing or equipment and have specific safety instructions you need to know before using.

If your plant is put into the ground and not into a pot, you may want to test the soil first. Adding the wrong kind of fertilizer may hurt and even kill some plants. In other cases, your soil may already have enough nutrients but may need more lime if it is acidic. It is also important to know if you can put a fertilizer directly on a plant or not.

Grading Tools

gardening-tools-brooklyn-plantologyHaving the right tools for your garden can make working in it much easier. If you do a lot of gardening and have a large one, you definitely want to be sure to get quality tools. Tools you may need include spades, scoops or shovels, garden hoes, cultivators or weeders, and more. In some cases, you may also want to get grafting knives, budding knives, and pruning knives, pruners, and more – if your gardening involves it.

Brooklyn Plantology is the largest garden center in the New York City and tristate area. It has 20,000 square feet of plants, shrubs, and trees, as well as all the soil / fertilizer / grading tools you need for them. We also sell a massive selection of pottery, from terracotta to designer collections.