Beautifying your home, garden, or office can be achieved with many types of flowers from the flower store Staten Island. While no flower blooms all year long, you can have beautiful colors much of the year by having a variety of flowers. In your home or office, these can be rotated to always enable you to have beautiful flowers around.

The Brooklyn Plantology Store

When you need flowers, you can find almost any kind of in-season plants you want. The Brooklyn Plantology store is the largest of its kind (20,000 square feet of space) in the New York City and tri-state area. We carry many types of flowers and plants, including exotic ones that are colorful and beautiful and will enhance your garden, office or yard.

Perennials vs. Annuals

If you want flowers for your garden, you may want to consider buying perennials. This will reduce your work each year, because they will come up year after year. Flowers that are annuals will need to be replanted each year. Annuals may be better for your home or office because you can change them quickly for flowers that are in bloom.

You can also find plants that will produce flowers that will last. Some plants at the flower store Staten Island have flowers that only last a couple of days, but other ones will have flowers that can last for weeks at a time. Other flowering plants can produce flowers two or even three times a year. A few plants may have leaves that are more colorful than the flowers they produce.

Know the Temperature Range

Some plants, particularly ones from the tropics, are very sensitive to temperature changes. Letting your house temperature drop a few degrees can damage or even possibly kill some types of plants. You also want to know the light requirements, because some plants only thrive in bright light, but this may hurt or even kill other plants.

Buy Flowers for Gifts

One gift that is sure to light up the eyes of plant lovers is to buy them a flower. Not just one that will only look good for a little while, but get one that they can plant in their yard or garden and will bloom year after year.

Safe for Children and Pets

Having pets or children at home needs to be considered when you buy any flowers or plants. Even though they are beautiful, many houseplants are poisonous to various degrees, and if eaten, they can produce sickness – or worse. Be sure to talk to the staff at Brooklyn Plantology to find out if it is safe to have at home if you have young children or pets living with you.

Get Lower Prices

When you need flowers for less, we can provide you with the best looking flowers for a lower price. Because we have been around since 1946, and because we buy from people we know, we can offer you the lowest prices around. We also have special wholesale deals available.

The Brooklyn Plantology flower store Staten Island  has many flowers in stock all year long. Our stock is so big you need to see it for yourself. We also have online ordering. Our friendly staff can help you get the flowers you need for any occasion.


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