One of the most popular plants that now beautify many homes and offices is the Fiddle Leaf Fig, also called the Ficus Lyrata. This small tree is certainly in high demand and is beautiful to look at. The leaves are large, a beautiful shade of green, and they are shaped like a violin.

Care of Your Tree

When you bring the tree home, you want to place it in bright light. Make sure it is indirect light, and avoid letting the sun shine directly on it. You can put it directly in front of, or next to, a south or west-facing window for best results. It will not do well in low light. In order to help keep the tree trunk straight, rotate the tree every month

This fig tree comes from Africa, where it is normally hot and humid. In spite of this, you want to be careful not to give it too much water. Let the top two inches of soil dry out before you add more water, but do not let it dry much deeper than this. Make sure the water is lukewarm and not cold. The plant itself will tell you when it needs water. The top leaves are normally erect, and when they start to droop, they need water. Put the tree in a planter that has a hole in the bottom for drainage.

Because of the size of the leaves, they will collect dust. You should dust them off about every three months to enable the plant to breathe and utilize light properly.

Avoid putting these trees near a door, an air conditioner, or a heating vent. This can greatly reduce the humidity and may dry them out, which could cause them to drop their leaves.

Fertilize the Fiddle Leaf Fig once a month from spring to fall. Use an organic fertilizer for houseplants.


This tree is rather sensitive to being moved or having changes in conditions. Just moving it from the store to your home will bother it and it may drop some leaves. Also, moving it from one location to another in your home may produce the same results.


The Fig Tree will grow to a height of three to ten feet tall. You can buy different varieties, with some being more of the bush-type, which only grows three or four feet tall. The trunked type will grow between five to seven feet.


Starting new fig trees is easy. Simply cut off a branch about three or four inches below the leaf and stick the cutting in water. Let the roots grow out three inches or more and then put it in a pot.


This tree, like many others, is toxic to children and pets. Keep them away from it, but if you have either, you may not want to get this tree.

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