Decorating your office, business, or home with Easter decorations and flowers can really brighten any area. People love seeing beautiful flowers and decorations and they help cheer up any space. You can get all the plants and decorations you need at Brooklyn Plantology – an Easter decorations store Williamsburg.

Easter Decorations

Easter is a time of hope and joy for many. There are many different ways to celebrate and decorate for the season. You can select colorful religious items to decorate with, as well as plenty of decorations on an Easter bunny and Easter egg theme. Children will love the many choices of decorations that we have in our Easter decorations store Williamsburg.

Easter Plants

Brooklyn Plantology has plenty of beautiful Easter plants to beautify your office or home during this season. They include:

  • Easter Lilies

One of the most common decorations at this time of year is Easter Lilies. These are a mainstay for decorating churches as a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. They also make excellent gifts for family and friends. Their unsurpassed white beauty makes them very popular. They are also available in different varieties and colors, including pink, red, orange and yellow. After the frost season is over, you can plant them in your yard.

  • Daffodils

This beautiful yellow flower is also a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. They live for a long time and only require a little maintenance. They prefer bright, indirect light.

  • Mums

Mums come in a variety of colors and are very beautiful. They are popular during the Easter season and come in beautiful white, red, pink, purple, and yellow.

  • Orchids

Orchids are beautiful multi-colored flowers. They are a delicate flower and they come in white, yellow, red, purple, and speckled.

  • Easter Cactus

An Easter Cactus is similar to a Christmas Cactus but it will bloom around Easter. These plants live a long time and have flowers that are starry and brightly colored. The soil needs to be kept moist and they require bright light.

  • Lenten Rose

The Lenten Rose is a beautiful flower that looks similar to a rose. It is also called a Hellebores. It is a perennial that has flowers that will be three to four inches across and it normally blooms during Lent. They come in many different colors and prefer rich and moist soil. They require very little care and do well in part shade.


When you buy our plants, we also have a large variety of pottery that you can choose from. We have many styles of pottery, including ceramic, clay, and plastic. We also carry several designer styles that come from Europe to give your pottery and home a unique look. You can also find pottery in just about any color.

Brooklyn Plantology is the largest plant store in New York City and the tristate area. We have everything you need in the way of plants, shrubs, and trees in our 20,000 square foot store. We also carry all kinds of fertilizer, weed killer, and tools for your garden. Discounts are also available to businesses.


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