When you enjoy a special type of wine and like to have it often, you may want to make your own – if you are not already doing so. To get started, you will need specialized equipment and grapes. At Brooklyn Plantology, we have all the supplies you need – whether you are a beginner or an expert – at our wine making equipment store we have it all at the Easter decorations store Brooklyn.

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If you are just getting started and want expert tips, our experts can help you. After all, their advice can help you get the best wine with limited trial and error. Although the process is certainly not overly complicated, you do want to have the right equipment for it – especially if you plan on making more over and over.

The Right Equipment

At Brooklyn Plantology, in our wine making equipment store, we carry a large supply of equipment for making wine. This enables you to get anything you need. We have several sizes of wood wine presses, electric desteamers, electric grinders, a stainless steel hand crusher, and jet filters.

We also carry many kinds of containers and Easter decorations at the Easter decorations store Brooklyn. They include many sizes of wood barrels (oak), vats (tubs) that can hold from 110 to 500 liters, poly barrels that range from 60 to 500 liters, and many sizes and types of glass and poly bottles and carboys. We also carry several sizes of wood and brass spigots for the barrels, as well as many sizes of corks, and different types of corkers.


You will also need grapes for your home wine making. Our wine making store is glad to provide you with many types of grapes when they are in season, which is from September 1st through November 1st.

We carry both red and white varieties of grapes, enabling you to make many types of wine. If you want to make a special type of wine, you will need to know what kind of grapes to get. Many of our grapes are brand names.

Grape Juice

If you just want to buy grape juice to make wine with, we carry many types. It is also available from September 1st through November 1st. We offer it in 5.3 and 6-gallon sizes and it can be delivered directly to your home.

Wine Testers

We also carry several types of testers to ensure your product comes out just right. We have an acid tester, a hydrometer for testing alcohol and sugar, a floating thermometer, and a vinometer.

Wine Making Kit

If you are just getting started with wine making, we offer a special wine making kit. It has everything you need to get started, including a 5.3 or 6-gallon bucket of grape juice – any variety. Among the many tools that come in the kit, you receive a 5- or 6-gallon carboy, an airlock, hydrometer, an auto-siphon, funnel with strainer, yeast, stoppers and corks, and more.

The Brooklyn Plantology wine making equipment store has what you need to make great wines. Our wide selection of grapes and grape juice is can enable you to make your favorite at the Easter decorations store Brooklyn. Come and see what we have and get started making your own wine.


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