If you are looking for a way to have plants around your home, but want to give them as little maintenance as possible, you can hardly do any better than getting an air plant. These unique plants (Tillandsia) do not need any soil at all, and much of the water they need they obtain from the air in the room.

Many Types

Air plants have become very popular in recent years. There are as many as 650 different varieties to choose from. Some of them have very beautiful and colorful flowers.

The leaves of each air plant may vary in shape and size. While some have flat leaves like belts, others are triangular shaped, or like wires. These plants typically grow in warm climates – mostly south of the U.S. – Mexico border, so you need to put them in places where it stays above 45 degrees.

Keep in the Shade

Most of these plants will not do well in bright sunlight. They need to be in the shade much of the time. Full sun is apt to kill most of them, but some prefer bright sunlight. When they bloom, it could be anywhere from late spring through late summer.

Watering Your Air Plants

Although this type of plant will get much of its needed moisture directly from the air, there are still a couple of things you need to do. If the plant starts to look a little dry, you can mist it at the roots. About once a week, sometimes every other week, you will need to water them. You can do this by putting them in your sink and lightly rinsing them with water. Gently shake out the excess water, and let them sit in the sink overnight, then put them back in the morning.

Choosing the Type You Need

Although there are several types of these plants, one particular type needs less care than the other. One type appears to be more silvery than the other ones. The silver type is more able to withstand drought conditions than the other, making it harder to kill from neglect. The plants that tend to be greener in color will dry out faster.

Displaying Your Plants

This type of plant looks excellent in a clear glass hanging terrarium. You can simply put it in there by itself, or you may choose to add some sand and a little decoration. Put two or three of these little terrariums together to show off your beautiful collection.

The Size

Most of these plants are rather small, with some varieties only being an inch tall. Most others will stay less than about seven inches. Some of them are taller, and they may reach up to 12 inches in height.

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