When you are looking for air cleaning houseplant companies NYC in New York City, Brooklyn Plantology can meet your needs. We have a large variety of plants that can clean the air around your office or home, enabling you to get exactly what you want.

About Brooklyn Plantology

Our store, which has been around since 1946, carries nearly any plant you could want. We have a massive 20,000 square foot store and we are the largest family-owned plant store in Brooklyn. While being one of New York City’s air cleaning houseplant companies NYC, we also carry many types of plants and all the plant and garden supplies you need.

Air Cleaning Plants

When you want plants that can freshen the air around your home or office, there are several to choose from. Some plants can remove certain chemicals – particularly volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – from the air. Besides that, some plants also add excellent fragrance to the air, letting you breathe in healthy and fresh air with a great scent.

When choosing air cleaning plants, it is important to know what kind of care will be provided for it. Decide whether it will be kept in low light or bright light conditions, how often it will be watered, and how big a plant you want. Some plants will only do well in bright light, such as the areca palms, and others, such as chrysanthemums, will only purify the air when it has flowers. Some plants can also grow quite large, such as the golden pathos, which can get as large as eight feet.

You may also need to know what kind of chemicals need to be removed from the air. Some plants will remove some types of pollutants but not others. Other plants will perform better than others – such as chrysanthemums, which NASA considers to be the best for cleaning the air.

Some plants are rather small, but can still clean the air. The snake plant (Sansevieria), for instance, grows mostly vertical and does not spread out much. It can also tolerate neglect quite well and is actually hard to kill. The peace lily (Spathiphyllum) is also small but can still clean the air. It will produce flowers through much of the summer.

Double Duty

Some plants, such as chrysanthemums or other plants, can be taken outside when they are finished flowering. If pollen is a concern, you may want to avoid the flowering plants.

Check for Toxicity

When buying plants for your home or office, be sure to find out about any toxicity that may be present. Some plants are toxic and are poisonous to pets and children, or to one and not to the other.

Beautiful Pottery

Brooklyn Plantology carries a wide selection of pottery of all kinds to put your plants in. In addition to clay pots of all sizes, we also carry glazed pottery and designer pottery collections. We also have many other types of containers for your plants and everything you need to ensure they will stay healthy and beautiful.

Instead of trying to search through various air cleaning houseplant companies NYC, we encourage you to look at Brooklyn Plantology first. Our immense store has many air cleaning plants and our staff is friendly and will be glad to answer your questions.


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