Brooklyn Plantology by Lapide is the largest family-owned and operated home & garden center in Brooklyn. Its 20,000 square foot facility houses a rotating selection of small and large houseplants, shrubs, trees, pots, and gardening supplies.

Located in the historic Brooklyn Terminal Market, Brooklyn Plantology has been the number one garden center for individuals and businesses in the tri-state area since 1946. The family-owned and operated team works with farmers across the nation and abroad to cultivate a rotating stock of plants from local flora to exotic varieties.

The number one question we receive is, “How do you sell your plants for so cheap?” The answer is simple: we have been around the longest. We have owned our shop since 1946 and developed valued relationships with the best plant growers and hard good producers in the world. Here at Lapide, we hold true to our values and treat every customer just as we’d treat our own family.

Where the Plants Come From

Our plants come from all over the world. This enables us to give you the most colorful, exotic, and beautiful plants on the planet. From cactuses (succulents) to evergreens and tropical plants, we probably have what you want. Since we deal with so many suppliers, we can also give you the lowest prices anywhere.

Get Plants That Are Safe

Some plants are not good to have around children or pets. We can show you which ones to avoid before you buy them and take them home. If you want plants that can also clean the air in your home or office, we can show you which ones are the best for your needs.

Plants That Need Little Care

We also have many plants that are real survivors. They can tolerate considerable neglect if you are not home often, or are apt to be forgetful, but still want good looking plants around your home or apartment.

Gift Plants

When you need a perfect plant for a gift, we can recommend one for you. Because many plants last a long time, your loved one or friend can enjoy its beauty for many years. Depending on what you buy, they might even be able to plant it in their yard.

Garden Decorations

When you want to dress up your garden, we have the goods. You can choose from a wide variety of figurines, decorations, birdbaths, and much more. You will also find that we have foliage, greenery, and more to decorate your home around the holidays.

Plant Supplies

brooklyn-paleontology-brooklyn-storeWhen you need tools for your plants or garden, we have lots of them. We have quality tools that you will be glad to own, and also less expensive ones if you are on a budget. When you need pottery, we have all kinds and in many sizes, including terracotta, designer styles, and more.

You can also find any type of plant fertilizer you need for any kind of plant. We also have insecticides to help you get rid of those pests that are destroying your beautiful plants.

When you are not sure what to buy, Brooklyn Plantology can help you to select plants, shrubs, or trees that will suit your climate or home or office conditions. We carry large inventories of plants in season, including the popular plants that people want and enjoy.

For businesses, we also offer special wholesale deals, giving you even better prices. Talk to us today about how we can help you.